Contributor Term

How to become a contributor icon?

Anyone can be an icon contributor for our website. Join with us, maximize the masterpiece of your hands, let the world know the woks of your inspiration, share with other people so that we keep developing.

Don’t store your icons just like that in your computer. Display them in our site so that other people can also value the best of your masterpiece.

We know you have worked hard making an icon and you may be busy so that you do not have time to market the icons, that is why we are present to disseminate all of your icons. We are confident that our clients will value and buy your icons.

Why do the icons must be uploaded in our website?

Uploading the icons in our website, you no longer hassle marketing and disseminating your icons, let us work hard for you.

The upload system is very easy, practical and very quick. We only need files in the svg format. Our robots will process them into several files that are needed including the png format.

We will share the profits with you with an equal portion i.e. 50% of each purchase.

How do I become a contributor?

You no longer need to make a new account to be a contributor. After you make a registration in our website, you can directly apply to be our contributor by clicking a submit button in this page.

Contributor Terms

As a contributor, all of your funds will be combined in one account. So with one account and with the same funds you can make several transactions such as purchasing icons, purchasing credits and withdrawing funds.

After your credits have accumulated $100 you can withdraw the fund at anytime. We will process all all fund withdrawals on the 1st – 4rd day of each month. Then we will send them to your Paypal account.

Credit Terms

To purchase icons in our website, first you must buy credits via Paypal. A credit is a currency system that applies in our website, which is useful to carry out any transaction in our website. Each credit purchase will be combined in your balance. If you have become a contributor, then at the same time you can receive funds from a purchase with the same account.

As a contributor, all of your funds can be withdrawn after they have accumulated to $100. For each withdrawal we will make a process on the 1st – 4rd day of each month.